WEEK 1: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Clint Schaff by Enajite Oghumu

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By UCLA X469.21 Student Enajite Oghumu

Enajite Oghumu

Have you ever wondered if it’s necessary for a company to use more than just a few key social media platforms? How about whether or not additional safeguards are needed to protect its online reputation?

Such questions were answered by our week 1 guest speaker — Clint Schaff, VP of strategy and development for the Los Angeles Times. Clint provided insightful answers to the above questions and many others. Almost immediately, he engaged the class with his outgoing and friendly personality. He addressed a range of issues by tapping his many years of experience using social media to reach stakeholders.

clint schaff

Clint Schaff

From the outset, it was clear that Clint has a strategic mindset. He emphasized the importance of using social media strategically, and stressed the need to avoid jumping on the latest bandwagon. Rather than simply emulating how other businesses use social media, he said organizations must consider their own unique audiences, objectives and strategies; only then will they be in a good position to select tactics, such as which social media platforms are best for reaching the target audience.

Also very enlightening was Clint’s explanation of the social media playbook, which is a living document that guides a company’s social media efforts and serves as a basis for measuring success. It includes a list of objectives and roles/responsibilities for employees (for both personal and company-managed accounts). Interestingly, he explained how such a playbook is adjustable and adaptable. Alterations can be made over time based on an analysis of the campaign’s effectiveness.

Among the many fascinating things about Clint were his diverse interests and hobbies, flexibility and avoidance of polar extremes. All of these attributes contribute to his creativity.

What an encouraging way to begin the week!

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