WEEK 1: A Conversation with Guest Speaker Clint Schaff by Karen Lefkowitz

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By UCLA X469.21 Student Karen Lefkowitz

Karen Lefkowitz

Karen Lefkowitz

Talk Sporty to Me

Digital marketing strategist, educator, and entrepreneur Clint Schaff uses sports metaphors to describe how to succeed on the social web. Here are some of Coach Clint’s winning tips:


Plan your enterprise’s social media activities carefully and thoroughly. Establish a content calendar. Develop a social media playbook to help you create content that informs, empowers, motivates, and provides support to your “customers.” Get equipped to be real-time all the time. The playbook should guide all social media efforts.


Clint Schaff

Clint Schaff

Start by asking your client: What problem do you have to solve? When it comes to brands, social media should be about solving business problems. The focus shouldn’t be on developing campaigns, but rather on developing solutions. First, you identify whatever objective(s) you’re trying to accomplish, then you develop strategies and tactics to help the brand succeed. Objectives don’t matter if they are not connected to tangible business goals.


To develop effective content you need to know your audience. Look for insights into the communities you are targeting. You need to understand the people in order to know how to best approach them as an audience. Everyone has a reason to be on social – the key is focusing on your audience like a laser. Build community, foster community, and factor that community into all of your decisions.

Carry the ball

If you provide value and sustain the effort, you can reach anybody.


Learn from performance. Make decisions based on key data. Strategize before the play.

Game of inches

Connect with people, connect with visuals, and remember those maxims that are true in our daily lives are even truer in the branded communication space. Stories and enthusiasm work!


One key to success is developing T-shaped expertise. Cultivate broad knowledge in lots of stuff, and really deep knowledge in certain areas.

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